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Magazine subscriptions

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So today I was at the store and happened to check out some motorcycle magazines. It seems like there's a good bit of info there that is pretty interesting and I began to wonder if I should get a subscription. I really enjoy reading about motorcycles online and think that having a magazine subscription would be very nice.

With that being said, I was just wondering which magazines you guys are subscribed to and which ones you guys would recommend? Are there any advantages to the magazines? Do any of you feel the magazines are useless considering all the content on the internet?
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You can probably get most of the same information and more on-line....however there is just something about having a magazine in your hand to flip through rather than surfing on-line. Of course I use a computer a good part of my work day so when I get home I don't always want to stare at another screen. I usually keep my mags near the toilet!
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I usually keep my mags near the toilet!

I always get a couple magazine subscriptions for Christmas and my birthday (by request) and it's mainly so that I can leave then next to the toilet!
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Road Racing World. I like to read about the up and coming youth riders and its more race and track oriented.

I don't really care too much about reading new bikes unless it's a particular bike I might wanna know about so I'll pick up Sport Rider at the local supermarket.
Cycle World
Dirt Rider
Sport Rider

I've had subscriptions to all of them for years now. You can get digital subscriptions to all of those on Amazon too.

I like reading the ride reviews of the new bikes.

I'm not a racing fan really. I like watching races on TV but I don't follow the series and the riders closely. So, race reports and stuff don't hold any interest for me. I like the technical race articles about the bikes and technology they are using in the racing series though. Just not the soap opera that is professional racing.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The one I picked up last night was Cycle World and I really enjoyed reading through it. Plus it was nice not to be staring at my phone screen the whole time lol.
Road Racing World is a must! Then Sport Rider is really good. I have a Cycle World subscription, but will most likely not renew it when it comes that time. It's a bit to0 broad of a magazine for me and I'm just into sports bikes at the moment.

They are the perfect shitting material really.
I got subscriptions to sport rider and cycle world. Like mad max said cycle word is more of an all around motorcycle magazine. Not just sport bikes. But they do have really good articles on stuff like setting up suspension, rider techniques, and the spirit behind riding.
Sport rider is pretty self explanatory. All sport bikes. But seems kind of like they're scared to write a bad review on gear or bikes which makes me think they can be bought by advertisers but still a decent read
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