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Hi all

I don't really like posting a problem as soon as I join, however this is part of the reason I signed up. I was after a forum anyway but been prompted sooner because of an issue I have.

My intro post is in the new user area for a bit about me :)

My problem is this. I have an F2 ZX6R (register 1996) which has recently developed some lumpiness at low revs. If I take it up over 4500-5000 rpm it kicks I fine and runs sweet, but under that it stutters a bit and doesn't run smooth. It's done 30600 miles, I've changed the plugs (oil, oil filter and fuel filter to do) so far. I have also stripped it down to clean the cars today and had the high flow jets out (couldn't do the pilot jets as I am away from home and had limited tools, no screw driver small enough!). Still runs the same.

Seems OK first thing after starting when warming up but quickly gets lumpy around town, fine on open roads as the rpm are easily kept up.

Any thoughts on possible causes? It seems to me like it's possibly over fueling a bit at low rpm but I I am no mechanic.

Any and all ideas more than welcome.

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