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Lowering ZX6R 2013 onwards

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Hey all, after some advice about lowering the front forks on this bike. I did post in another thread, but didn't get any replies:

I'm about 5ft 2", and couldn't even touch the floor both sides with it stock. I've just added Lust Racing lowering links, and dropped the rear by -40mm. I had a specialist do this and set up the suspension and laser alignment.

However, it appears you can only drop the front by -4mm which sucks big time.

Does anyone know if it is possible to lower the front by more? If I knew this I would have gone for the -25mm lowering link to keep the rake more like stock. Looking at the front forks, it's tapered and then smooth where it clamps on - the bottom of the smooth part is only 4mm lower than stock so the garage I got to do this only moved the clamp to the lower part of the smooth part. Can you not clamp it around the tapered part of the fork?

Anyway, I can now just touch the floor both sides at the same time (end of my boot, not even tip toe!) and feel reasonable OK with the bum slide at lights. I am still paranoid about dropping it when filtering though - especially if I dropped it into a car when filtering (lane splitting)!

I'm fine once the bike is moving, and I'd say I'm a fairly confident rider - I can drag knees and all. However, I have noticed the bike is a bit worse in corners with the front being higher. I haven't pushed it yet (too much), as it's still cold and wet in places (around +3-5c at the moment).

I'm still waiting delivery on an adjustable kickstand, but with the stock it still works but is obviously much more upright.

So, if I wanted to lower front to -40mm like the rear, what would I need to do?

Edit to add:
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I'm in the same boat. I just picked up lowering links for the rear and doing a little research I found out that the 2013 zx6r front forks are tapered. Didn't realize that you could only lower the front 4mm :(

If I find something I will share most certainly!!
Finally a reply...!

Mine is still lowered -40mm in the rear, and -4mm in the front. It rides fine, although is a little slower in the corners, but it isn't a problem.

Oh, and please share your findings - I couldn't find much info on this at all when I bought the bike.
Hate to break this too you but you should buy a different bike with a lower seat height. Either that or learn to ride the bike as it was designed.

Lowering the rear 40mm (1.57") is already going to destroy the handling that the engineers worked so hard to get into the bike. It probably looks and rides like a chopper now. It's not going to want to turn any more and won't transition from left to right the way it should.

You can pull the forks up past where they start to taper. It's going to start to reduce the stiffness and rigidity of the fork assembly. May or may not cause serious issues depending on how far you pull them up.

You could source another fork and triple clamp assembly that uses a shorter fork leg. This is probably going to be the "best" method for lowering it beyond what you can with the stock parts.

But, again, your giving up all the great parts Kawasaki used to make the bike a great bike. And, you would be far better off with a bike that was designed from the get go with a shorter seat height.

Lowered 40mm at both ends, I would be worried about dragging the fairing or exhaust on speed bumps or when the suspension is compressed. Also at some point your going to run into interference between the front wheel and the radiator. I can tell you from experience, when hard parts like the exhaust hit the ground when riding the end result is never good.
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I don't see the point in getting into a lengthy debate over the merits of lowering a bike. It's obvious the bike would be best at stock height, but for short arses what other options are there!

The options for me were really a 2007 GSXR 750, which is the lowest super-sport bike there is. However, they are quite rare and good ones are quite pricey. Secondly, I like the mod cons of ABS, traction etc, and the Ninja felt the most comfortable of the 600s from the main manufacturer's.

Also, with mine being lowered I can only just touch the ground with the very end of my toe/boot (both sides at the same time); and the main reason I wanted it lowered is because I filter/lane split and would hate to drop it - especially into a car. I have to do the bum slide!

So there you go... Best to get the information on the net for others to read.
My first bike was a Kawasaki 650R, and loved it. I don't think I will stray away from Kawasaki. I'm 5'5" but have a 29-30" inseem. Most of the time I have no problem riding, only when coming to stop lights and its annoying sliding my butt to one side. I can touch with both my tippy toes but really want to be firm on the ground. I have not installed my rear lowering links yet due to ongoing research.

Magic..the best things I've found lately are progressive suspension kits which lower the travel of the suspension without changing the fork height or dynamics. The problem is that they don't make it for our bikes!!!

The next option is to get shoes with a thicker sole and more padding. I've shaved my seat in hopes that it would bring me down 1/2" but I don't feel a difference.
Your not going to get 40mm or anything close to it with the forks you have. So, either learn to live with it the way it is, or start shopping for new forks.

You might possibly find a suspension tuner who could reduce the travel on the forks you have but that exactly what they will be doing, limiting the travel of the fork. You only have 4.7" (119mm) of travel to start with. 25-30mm of that is taken up as rider sag. Doesn't leave much to remove.
Gotta agree with Natbrown. 40 mm is a HUGE change on a bikes suSpension. If you drop the front, you should be raising the rear.

Like you said, you don't wanna debate it but anybody else that stumbles onto this thread, you should always reconsider lowering suspension, or at least talk to a suspension tuner first. If you want to do it just so you can be flat footed on a Sportbike at the cost of completely messing up what a Sportbike is designed to do (turn) then you shouldn't be on a Sportbike.

To each their own though....your bike your life!!!!
Lol. I did a KTM offroad day, and I was like that!
What about a race tail with one of those dinky lik adhesive seats instead of a real one. Are they signifigantly lower?
Another option would be a bike with a twin or v4. Narrower achieves the same thing as lower.
I've seen a user on this forum named teri lowering 25mm(I think?) front and 40mm rear. So I think it should be possible.
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