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Lost key, have to remove triple t

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Hey, so I lost my keys and have to take the ignition to the locksmith to have a new key made....

From what I've read I have to take off the gas tank, disconnect the electronic bits and then remove the triple tee and I can take that to the shop...

I have the bike on stands right now.. Do I have to take the weight off the front end? If so what is the best way to do that without using the ceiling method :p

thanks in advance.

PS.. its a 2000 ZX6R
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Option 1:Have locksmith come to you. Have title for bike ready. No reason key can't be cut on the bike.

Option 2: rtfm. http://zx6r.com/service-manuals/12590-2000-2002-kawasaki-zx-6r-2005-2008-zzr600-service-manual.html

Head lift stand is fine, even a fork stand---but when you pull the top triple the fork angle is going to change with only the lower........ so a head lift stand would be better---and re-assembly will take a little persuation to align the forks and the triple bolt....... you could do it front wheel on the ground- be safer than the fork lift stand, and as adequate as the head lift stand

I assume you do not want to try and tackle removing the non removeable lock bolts from the triple....
If you have a rear spool stand, you can use that to support/stabilize the back of the bike and then use a jack under the header to lift the front off the ground, or in your case just enough to take the weight off the front tire (loosen all the bolts on the top triple before you lift the front). This is how I did it for my fork oil change.
thanks all! and Rivers, I do want to try to leave the non removeable lock bolts on the triple... I'll try lifting under the header and leave the rear stand on...

Thanks again for the tips guys!
^ don't lift too high, you will lift it right off the rear stand
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