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looking to buy one piece suit

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As I don't do track days due to no tracks within 550 miles, I have always owned textile motorcycle jackets and pants. Not sure how good they are, but all that holds them together is a small 6 inch long zipper. I think I have done it up maybe twice due to it being such a pain in the ass to do.

That said, my current gear is 2 years old and just from daily wear and tear, is already falling apart. Kind of a piss off as I paid $550 for the jacket and pants. But what's worse is.. If 9000 km did that to it.. Would it have even held up in a skid down the road?

Anyways. I'm currently on the hunt for a decent quality one piece that won't break the bank. I don't really need something expensive and fancy. It will only be used for work and back and random cruises.

I saw Joe rockets survival suit for about $350. But the fact my other gear that is now falling apart is Joe rocket.. I'm afraid it will be the same story.

Anyone able to point me in the direction of a durable suit at a reasonable price point to help keep the road rash off of me in the chance I decide to give surfing a try?
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Keep an eye on eBay for a used good condition suit, usually suits in weird colors/sizes can be found on sportbiketrackgear/revzilla/etc. for cheap.
I have a Dainese Crono one piece only worn twice, a little too snug for me so im willing to sell to buy a bigger size
STG, suits up to $600

One Piece Leather Race Suits

My fiancee wears all AGV now. IMO best bang for the buck.

I'd stay away from Alpinestars or Dainese products since those are too much $ for the quality and once the quality gets good you're in the ballpark for a custom suit from Heroic for example.
I have a speed and strength one piece I got from stg for under $600, tried and tested in a high side...I'm alive and the suits still a "one piece" :laugh
+1 on that agv suit, I've been watching it. I also like the dainese crono and was on sale at a local store for $699. Might pick that up
Richa do good low price suits....I now have a furygan dark apex suit but started with (and still have) a Richa attack one piece (the one I'm wearing in my avatar.) Very comfortable and good armour exactly where it needs to be...I just wear a back protector under my suits to finish it all off.
Here's the richa...

The new 2014+ version Richa with d30 armour £350....
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Thank you all for the input! I think I'll watch the agv suits and pull the trigger sometime between now and when the snow melts :)

Unless anyone has a decent quality suit they are willing to unload for 350 ish that's still in good shape.
Sidici $299.99

Motorcycle Helmets, Gear, Parts & Accessories - Cycle Gear has Sidici one pc suites on sale for $299.99 regular price $599.99
Looks like a good deal.. But what I'm worried about is textile vs leather.

I feel textile will wear out quickly due to my experience with my last set.

But on the other hand.. Maybe I was just unlucky with what I bought. Anyone have opinions on textile vs leather?

I know if it comes down to protection, leather is probably going to hold up longer. But as I'm not doing anything crazy, textile should be more than enough.. Assuming it holds up to day to day wear.. Unlike my last jacket.

On my last jacket. Seams are coming apart.. Arms are fraying.. Etc. And I didn't even wear it everyday. I normally wore my leather jacket and jeans.. But after seeing enough road rash nightmares.. I no longer want a two piece or no protection on the lower half.
just checked my bank accounts. looks like i can afford one.

so basically. im willing the pull the trigger as soon as i find a good one for an acceptable price.

looking at the agv, i normally wear size 44 coveralls at work... would this relate to the suit? i have a bit of a gut to me, so the 44 seems to fit everywhere but waist according to size charts... ha.

basically.. do the AGV's fit snug, or loose compared to the charts. guess its time to drop 10 lbs again lol.

chest 42. waist 39.5 sleeve 24

so... 44 or 46.. is what im trying to decide on
Personally, I would give STG a call and speak with them about it and see what they recommend. If its to big/tight, you can just return it.
What you haven't mentioned in textile vs. leather is that with leather you will at first feel like you're glued to the bike!

unless you armour all the seat and give it the bike a super slick shiny waxing LOL

i'd never go back to textile, i had a 2pc and used it every ride until i got my first 600.

some days i wished for a textile jacket but when riding all day and only going home at night i prefer a wind tight suit. With my fully perforated leather i just keep a plastic grocery bag handy in the tail of the bike. When it chills down I just flatten it out across my chest. Awesome for keeping the wind out, easy to store and super light :)

Fiancee says AGV fits true to size, a bit on the looser side.
they're consistent with their cuts between models of jackets or suits, just beef up the armor on the higher end products which in the end will make it fit tighter.

He also makes his sizing choices according to the recommendations from the revzilla product review videos.
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i did a bunch of searching... due to being in canada and the crappy exchange rate i tend to shop around in canada to see if i can get something with a similar price.

found a ton of textile suits in the 700-800 range.. and a bunch of leather in the 1000 range...

ended up pulling the trigger on the AGV sport bullet. at $350 USD, it ended up being $498 CAD to my door. (which was exactly the price i was willing to pay)they made my choice easier by being sold out of all sizes except for 46.

looking at the sizing.. it should be a pretty close fit. if not, for the price, i guess its time to loose some more weight! haha. already lost 25 lbs from last year this time.. this might be the excuse to continue for another 10 or so.

i wear an XL in joe rocket. which fits a little loose. and also ends up being pretty much exactly what the 46 AGV is. (probably fits a little looser now that im down 25 lbs)

Thanks everyone for the help! Looking forward to having something stylish that will actually protect me int he event of a skid..

knock on wood that never happens... but with 44 000km in my street bike career and never dropping a bike... im afraid its coming. lol hopefully my decades of motocross experience will keep it from ever happening.. but.. i doubt it.
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Hope to see some pics in 2wks from you.

Stuff happens.
I never had problems with cars hitting me or actual real close calls. When it did, it always happened while I was going nuts and at that point being high at risk for biting the dust.

3 lowsides and 1 eject flight over the bars. Leathers always held up with some little holes from road rash. On the serious one my 2pc wasn't zipped together (probably would've ripped the zipper anyways) and i got a 2x4in patch of roadrash. Was nasty and dripping wet for 5days straight.

I always invest as much as i can into full gear and highest protection without bulking it up too much that would hinder mobility.
well, like i said, i hope the day never comes, but just in case, i will have the AGV suit and frame sliders to help minimize the damage.

i never really push my limits as far as pushing it hard goes, but i have almost lost it at slow speeds.

first time, was off a side road coming onto a highway. had my TC set to 1, and gave it a handfull of throttle while turning onto the highway. Back tire hit a little bit of the crud and gravel on the shoulder and she almost low sided on me. I feel if i didnt have my TC on, i dont think i could have reacted in time.

second time was pouring rain, and i was a little over confident in my tires (really shouldnt have been with the battlax s20's! especially when it was pouring rain) and i guess my throttle hand was a little heavy again because i started to do a rolling burnout which kicked a little. That time wasnt so bad. kept control of it easily.

My first bike was the 650r, so i really wasnt used to the power this thing can dish out, and i really under estimated it. Since those 2 incidences when i first bought it, i have learnt to be cautious of that rear wheel and its placement as well as the conditions for when i put the torque to it.

road rash is definitely one of the things i wish to avoid.
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I always thought a 650 would've have the torque more pronounced since it reaches its peak in midrange compared to an inline4
Yes and no. The 650 can power up around 4-5k rpm. Where the 636 seems to prefer 9-10k rpm.

BUT when the 650 breaks traction. Its rather mild and if you keep on the throttle it would normally hook up aagain and power itself out. Where the 636 will just keep climbing and roasting the tire more and more.

Therefore when going from the 650 to the 636 you really need to pay attention to it and correct for it. Where the 650 will play itself out. At least that's how I feel it is

Steady climb and predictable power vs rocketing rpm
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