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Looking for a complete 05-06 running motor

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I need a good running motor, upper triple tree clamp, and a rear brake rotor. for my 16yr old sons bike. I have some motor parts I would trade towards a motor or sell to put the money toward a motor, I have a good head complete with valves, cams, cam caps, valve cover, everything ready to bolt on. Good crank with no scoring or marks on the journals, good set of cases, other misc. parts.
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wera board
and nationally look on craigslist (or however far you care to reach)

There are engines out there, but many are way overpriced
Thanks! Yes you are correct, alot of way overpriced motors
I know a guy who is selling a nice 06 motor with around 14k miles. Very reasonably priced.

Motor just had a valve adjustment done.

Tranny has been shimmed to reduce free play and a ProShift shift star has also been installed.

PM me if you are interested and I will provide contact details.
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