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Spring flyer for those in the MN and western WI region

Dunlop $50 rebates

Bridgestone $40 rebates

$25 off installation charges on any set purchase

$50 off tune up services



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fender design for a streetbike ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and who the fuck puts gators on their street bike.......uggg,
and if you are one of those people, atleast put them on correctly

fucking dirtiest pig fender in a very long time!


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Well least the Harley flat guy wasn’t stupid enough to use sealer in it. Can’t count the times I have seen that. And that’s as many times as I send them back with it because I ant cleaning that shit out.

and all off-road bikes run tubes and every weekend at the park some dumbass Is trying to use some sort of sealer to fix a flat. You can tell them it’s pointless and they will say. “It worked for so and so” and my brothers uncles friends said he uses it and it works. No you can only fix a flat tube by fixing the tube lol.
I vulcanized my front wheel in my old Harley and run tubeless tires. . Something about a tube in a street bike wheel just doesn’t seem safe. Idk why I just don’t like running them.
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2014 HD work......
new sidestand spring, new rear brake pads, 2 new tires

jap bike...........
clean, truly clean!!! carburetor jets vs how they came out............


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2008 HD street glide work.......

wierd place for the hole in the tube to be (facing the rim)

I did clean up the wheel much better- has some inside rust and some of the chrome is flaking........

and even weirder still when I went to take the nut off the valve stem, the valve stem broke

no nails, no screws, no holes found at all in the tire and definitely no spokes sticking past their nuts and a good rimband......

my best guess.......installer error.
~Not clean enough of wheel
~pinched the tube or twisted it
~hit it with the spoon?

and who the fucks installs tubes with zero lube??
I have always covered them a plenty with babypowder so they slip slide around inside the tire and reduce friction and have never once had a problem.......

Funnier still............ I had to remove half of the wheel weights they had on the rim (despite putting the tire back on the same way)
they had 14 1/4oz weights taped on (over the dirty rim)--- now there are 8 that I left in the same place to make it balanced......
so they wasted 1.5 ounces of chrome weights (about $1) to do a shitty job.........


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That was a lot of weights. I like using the spoke clamp weights. If it balances that much off i usually twist the tire on the rim a little. Or a lot . Takes way too long. But I hate having to add a shit ton of weights. Usually on my own bike I can usually keep turning the tire and get it within 1 ounce. Those Harley spoke wheels are usually pretty far off tho.
Well it has been about 18 hours and it is still holding 40psi.............

but......... what impressed me most about whomever did the install........... the fact those chrome weights they used stuck so well on the clearly dirty as fuck uncleaned rim!!!!!!!!!!!!

them thar are some fantastical sticky wheel weights
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In todays episode of the world is fucked and people are too fucking stupid to be allowed to stay on the planet............

So I walk my dog every night and every morning around the neighborhood, go past the same 50 or so houses everytime.....

We got up to a whopping 80* or 82* yesterday and the day before .... and were down in the 60's each previous night, yet.....
easily 1/3 of those houses had their AC running both nights when I walked by (around 10-11pm when it had already dropped to temps to 70* or so)
and both mornings. more than a half dozen houses I could hear the AC running
-this am- 56* and a nice brisk breeze (brisk enough I was chilled in just a T-shirt) only 1 house had windows open..... yet atleast 5 houses had the AC running

how fucking poorly insulated does your house have to be to need the AC running in 56* !!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!

sadder still....
all 5 of those fucking houses had a prius or other shitbox pile of dung electric or hybrid sitting in the driveway

So.... leftist libtards who scream about global warming and save the planet but they cannot even control themselves and their house......... fucking hypocrits of the stupidest nature!!!!!

Even when we had those 4 in a row 80-88* degree days and it stayed 65* and above each night a month ago..... my house never got above 72*......... When I got home last night from work my house was still a nice quiet 68* (guess what, my common sense told me to keep my south facing windows blinds closed and the windows shut)

Shut your fucking windows assfucks ...... during the day when it is "too hot"....... close some south and west facing blinds when the sun is baking you.......... and open your fucking windows at night when it is this fucking nice out!!!!!!!!!

Stupid assfucks!!!!!!!!

Drive in to work today..... first light is about 2 blocks from home, light turns green......... guy starts to go then stops...... 4 vehicles come blasting through the red light from the cross traffic---guy on the other side coming towards us- did not stop............ kaboom assfuck in truck with tar trailer running the red light creamed him

About half of us drive around the carnage and go about our way, not even 1/2 mile later come across another interesection accident (4 way stop)

Had to detour back and go around as no driving through all that glass and pieces risking my tires
finally get over to HWY 3......... stop and go for nearly 2 miles...mostly stop............. finally get up to the problem.some stupid fuck took out a stop light, so the remaining ones are flashing red in all directions..........
As it is my turn (and the lady across from me also going straight--me north, her south) we both start to go and some stupid fuck in a truck (again with a fucking trailer) pulls out from the west bypassing the two vehicles in front of him and turns right in front of both of us, I slammed on the brakes hard enough the dog went from the back seat to the dash.lady stopped but got clipped anyways and it tore off her front bumper cover.............
dumfuck in the truck gestures and yells shit and finally stops, but blocking the northbound lane and shoulder and gets out yelling at her and then punches her car

I jumped out and set him straight immediately and shoved his worthless ass back in his truck.......... I had plenty of built up rage at this point, controllable but ready for just this opportunity!!!!
The dumbfuck says he is going to sue me........... go the fuck ahead assfuck!!!!!!!---criminals should be void of all rights! and they should never be allowed to sue anyone!!!!!!!! he got less than what he deserved, he deserved to put in a pine box!

I just get him in his truck and door slammed and he takes off....now it is hit and run!!!!!!!!

I call it in and follow....plenty of curves and a 45 zone is the road past that intersection--he never got above about 55 and was down to 30-35 in most of the curves, and crossing the mustard in all of them....... 3ish miles up the road at 3/55 intersection, two state patrols are waiting his arrival...........lol!!!!!

He tried to turn off onto 55 (SE)before he got to them, but they drove oncoming and went down after him, as I krept on by he was stopped about half way down the ramp
the dispatcher lady thanked me and told me if she needed anything further she would call me back......
I did tell her I have dashcam footage...............
I looked at it, and while it shows some grabbing and pushing into the truck, nothing I am worried about......... it clearly shows him as the aggressor and that he attacked the lady and her car and turned and stepped at me before any grabbing ensued........

So finally............
like an hour into this 22 minute typical commute to work....
as I am pulling into my work parking lot, another stupid assfuck with a lifted pile of cowshit trying to make up for his small peepee pulling a trailer is creeping into the lot and down the hill and then makes the turn and stops blocking both my OHD entrances......... I am like you stupid fucker, move!!!!!!! (in my head)
I drive around and nose right up tight to his driver door and get out........telling him to back the fuck away from my work places and that he entered the wrong way (it is a one way traffic parking lot) and to get his pile of shit out of my parking lot)
he never says a word just very slowly back up until he jackknifes the trailer and hits his bumper........... well atleast I was able to drive my car into my inside parking spot........
As I am shutting the OHD he gives me the 1 finger salute, double fisted behind the back- so passive aggressively it needs a response.......... .......

I decided to go out and escort him off the premises.................. He lasted about 0.1 seconds before he decided to flee.............. fucking assfuck did not speak any english.....go back to the hellhole you crawled out of and steal the air from the other worthless fucks and get the fuck out of MN and the USA
I loved seeing the big dent in his left rear quarter panel from the bumper smashing it where the all steel trailer smashed the bumper because he is inept loser who can't drive as he sped out of the lot........

See people are fucking stupid and they all needed to be beat as a kid and learn some fucking manners and discipline
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I've always admired the one way tire shredders installed at parking lots and the like that only allow for the correct/desired direction of travel....
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I've always admired the one way tire shredders installed at parking lots and the like that only allow for the correct/desired direction of travel....
Yes. And watching the morons hit them. Not very common here in the states. (Tire shredders not morons)

and those pop up intersections poles. Seen a guy get mangled by one in Germany. It was hilarious his little electric looking car was just balancing on the top of it and him with that wtf happend look 😂👍
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In the book of................

How paranoid are you..............

Whoever did this guys jetting way back in the day " LOU RING" is a dead give away as to the whom!!!!!!!!!

he ground the numbers off the main fule jets, the pilot fuel jets,

like what..someone is going to steal your bulshit jetting secrets........

jesus christ, anyone with a good set of pin gauages can figure out what jets they are and what you did to this pile.......

and taking the jet needle over to the bench grinder to grind a steeper angle to the tip of the needle.How the fuck cheap are you to not just buy a jet kit.............

I tell you!!!!!!!!

Same braniiac who suckered you into the gators on your forks so moisture is trapped and the retaining clip rusts
same braniac who used silicone all over the fork bottoms and buggered the holy fucking hell out of the bolts......
yeah those were fun to get apart........... assfuck!!!
Now the week to 10 day wait to see new bolts and sealing washers....... with no forks on the bike, thus immoveable

YES I stand by my statement.
the world is full of dumb fucking morons and it gets worse every fucking day!


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in case you thought I was kidding about some people being so stupid they use sealer in spoke wheels. He said he hated to change it because the tires vintage. “(It’s gotta be older than I am). Said he has tried ever sealer on the market and there all “junk”.
So he just wants the tube fixed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. $150 and he signs a waver saying he will not be riding this on the road.

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Couple of months ago was sitting at a traffic light waiting to turn right onto a 6 lane road. Black Tahoe in front of me looks suspiciously like a LEO vehicle. Light on the road goes yellow and I watch a Jeep go thru. He was most of the way thru before it went red. Then a second or two later soccer mom in her Lexus SUV goes thru. She is half way thru when our light goes green. The black Tahoe in front of me? Well turns out it did have blue lights LOL. I was on my motorcycle and had my GoPro running and got a great video of it.
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Couple of months ago was sitting at a traffic light waiting to turn right onto a 6 lane road. Black Tahoe in front of me looks suspiciously like a LEO vehicle. Light on the road goes yellow and I watch a Jeep go thru. He was most of the way thru before it went red. Then a second or two later soccer mom in her Lexus SUV goes thru. She is half way thru when our light goes green. The black Tahoe in front of me? Well turns out it did have blue lights LOL. I was on my motorcycle and had my GoPro running and got a great video of it.
We have a couple county cops here in black Toyota Tacoma’s. It’s weird tho I live in Tennessee and both of those Tacoma’s have Nc license plates. Idk if that’s just a thing ti try and throw people off or what.

but I was right behind one on a back road. Maybe 6-8 car lengths behind just riding slow wheelies. He pulled over and as I passed. Maybe 25/30mph he hits his lights so I just pull over. He was more curious of how I was able to ride a wheelie without going fast and I was curious how a Tacoma had blue lights. lol then told me to be careful and stop being a moron and let me leave.
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So this thing just left...........
I demanded cash only as payment (guy has been a fucking idiot)
now mind you some of the delays were my fault with all the moving and shuffling of business stuff, but as soon as he made some assholish comment about him not trusting that I would get the bike running right so he wasn't going to bring the tires to me as he felt I was incapable of installing them correctly............

Well that was when I decided I was doing no more and just slapped it all back together and emailed him pictures and the bill
he never replied, the bike sat here for 5 months
and last Sunday I went to empty the spam box like normal and just happen to see his name jump off the page at me.......
I moved it to my inbox then opened it and read it......
more loser bullshit of stupidity and ignorance...but it made me think.maybe he has sent a response prior and it too went into the spam box and I never saw it............

So I wasn't 100% asshole to his asshole email
but I was 80% asshole and explained I just found this in the spam box etc........
he continued being an asshole..so now it is on

I have all the power so I can be the biggest fucking asshole you ever met..........

Anyways he finally picked it up this am and brought cash, $100 short so his "helper" had to dig into his wallet to get the other $100

he argued that it shouldn't need a battery as he bought that one last year......... it will never charge to more than 12.5v and it drops to 12.2v in just a couple of days- when sitting on a bench
he doesn't think the rust in the tank is a big deal...ummm well I just cleaned the carbs and now you want to introduce rust into them..WTF
he further doesn't think it should cost much or take much to 'fix the tank"
umm...... I put gas in it and it leaks out the bottom!!!!!!!!!!

the diaper goes from new to soaked in about an hour...........

the tires have 1997 production dates on them and the tabs on his license plate are 2009- so not ridden since 2008!!!!
obviously getting it running again was not really a priority



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Where do you find these people? Or where do they find you? I get my fair share of idiots but you seem to win that award.

and I guarantee your one of the best in your area to take stuff to. I use a guy like that for my heavy equipment work. I had a dozen people tell me what an Ass hole this guy was ext ext ext. and all I ask was. Does he know what The hell he is doing? Heard so many negative things about him and none was related to his actual work. I love this guy. He never smiles. He is never in a good mood. But all I do is say. “Dozer is broke”. I tell him all I know about the why and what’s. He shows up. Cusses me cusses the dozer. And the only encounter I have with him is when he is done and hands me the bill. I don’t question anything because he is the guy who knows more than me. Whatever is on the bill I know he knows it needed replaced so I pay the man I listen close to what he has to say and he leaves. Never onetime have I had any of the issues everyone talks about and I have used him for years. And often.

same with my Rock guy. He has the worse reviews yet I have never had an issue and he is the only person I will use. The reviews are “he is grouchy”.”I wasn’t there to show him where to spread so he just dumped it in a pile”. It’s all just bull Shit stuff not related to him. I call him. Tell him where I want it. And it’s done. Zero issues. He clearly says on his site. “When you order and I’m on my way. I’m leaving the rock. I spread as a courtesy so if you’re not there or think I will wait. You’re getting it dumped in a pile”. He is cheaper and efficient for a reason. The trouble with people is they want to bring you junk and you half ass it to “work” like they would if they had the skills you have. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t half ass my shit and if I’m working on yours I’m not removing and replacing worn out ready to break shit. Cause then it does break And now that’s suddenly my fault. Like this moron with the tire lastnight Shows up 10 minutes before I’m shutting down with a 40 year old tire on a homemade bike and all he wants is the tire to hold air. I earned that 150$ I still have sealer on my hands lol .
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I did fail to write about his google review and his yelp review

lets start with the yelp one.....he wrote it last Novemeber 2 days after we had several back and forths via email.....
In a nutshell he accused me of stealing his bike because I moved and he has no idea where I am located nor has he heard from me since dropping it off.........

That is in a abbreviated nutshell........ (mind you yelp and google post my work address)

remember we just emailed several times 2 days prior!!!!!

and the review was just brought to my attention on Tuesday........ So I read it and replied............

Wednesday the review disappeared...gee my reply was the truth, was it something I said..........lol

---The google review.......
more of the same but he just posted that on Sunday........... I cannot see the time posted so I do not know if it was before we sent about a dozen emails back and forth or, if right after because he was mad........... his itty bitty ego was crushed....lol

But, I replied to that one as well, calling out once again that we just spoke. you know your bike was not stolen nor sold blah blah blah, and I even went as far as to explain that his claim of sending an email every week is unverifiable but I did find one of his emails in my spam box..so it is possible

once again, within hours his 'review" disappeared....... I did not even know you could delete a review once you post it.

he clearly has a problem with being called to task on blatant lying with proof positive of said lying.........

I will wait and see how long before he writes a new review......

I can imagine it will go something like this (if honest);
I picked up my bike form Lloyd's and he said all it needed was; New tires installed, the rust in the tank fixed and the fuel leak fixed and a new battery.... the battery was fine it started the bike right up, I just had to charge it
well I fixed the leak and the rust isn't that bad so I put gas in it and it ran okay for a few hours and now it is sputtering and bogging and I feel like I got ripped off

but since he is the dishonest assfuck of stupid that he is...........
It may go something more like this;

lloyd worked on my motorcycle for months and months and didn't even install the new tires I purchased and said mean things to me and called me a fucking asshole several times. he even tried to get me to buy a new battery but mine was only a year old so I didn't, I just charged it up and it worked fine. Then he forced me to bring him cash to pay the bill. I had to in order to pick my bike up, Well he gave it to me with an empty tank, it was full before..... So now I had to tow it home on a rented trailer and then buy $15 of gas, and the gas tank was leaking, it never leaked before. So I tried to ride it up the road anyways and by the time I got back home it was spitting and sputtering and I feel ripped off...... Don't ever go to that guy, he is not qualified to work on a big wheel and he yelled at me and called me a fucking asshole several times...........

What do you think................... truth or fiction will be posted ???????????
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And the hits with the ZX11 keep coming........

well nothing dramatic, it started right up, carbs synchronized easy peasy (after balancing my gauge again then adding some silicone to the adjuster screws so they stop 'walking")
But I ask him what is his plan with these 2005 production date less than half worn out Dunlop Qualifiers..(you know 5 generations old tires)
he says put some on......... so I did
and of course the pink painted wheels are already chipping and curb rashed, but lots more just peeled off simply sliding the tire off the rim lip and back over the rim lip..........
Why the fuck do people think painting a wheel with a tire on is ever going to last!!!!!!!!!

new tires, new valve stems, completely cleaned inner bead area and as long as you only look at it from 10' away they look minto pinto.......

I have no idea why there was so much grease on everything though- like who greases the brake caliper bolts?
Even the cush drive (rubber parts) was coated in grease, thus is slipped right out and onto the carpet....uggggg

cush drive is worn enough one can spin the wheel from 1o'clock to noon before the sprocket hub starts to move........

On a positive note, he has not said "NO" to any of my "suggestions" for needs and he knows his bill is more than double what it was expected to be at drop off time.........

Maybe it leaves tomorrow? I would appreciate that and getting paid...........
2 other bikes with about $2k bills the owners are doddling fucking around with coming up with the money- but supposedly they are both coming next week

I certainly hope all three of these depart before the first! bills need to be paid one way or another and I prefer the simple way of customer pays me I use twhat was their money, which is now my money to pay for things.......

first two pictures are partially cleaned with an area of uncleaned showing.......


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Worked until Midnight last night, decided to simply sleep at work since I had 3 people coming this am around 7am.....

first guy shows up at 7:10.......................2022 R7 needing a new rear tire (S22 180/55-17 check)
just get done with him and paid as the walk in fork service guy arrives about 7:40. drops off his forks and fills out his form (2011 GSXR750 supposedly 15k). As he is still writing then the VTX1800 with his own tires arrives......

He tire penned them.....ugg

well the bead lube did a nice smear job.......lol

33,000 miles on this thing and never had the valves adjusted, nor replaced the clutch lever bushing or lubed anything or even flushed the clutch (claims to have flushed the brakes a couple years ago)

Well the throttle has miles of slop and adjusting the top adjuster all the way out had zero effect.
the steering head bearings clunk slightly
the valves rattle to beat the band
the bushing is worn out and the fluids are super dark and gross
the sidestand would stay anywhere you stopped pushing it (zero lube)

June 26th is my first availability to deal with any of that shit........

he took that appointment.....

now moving on to these supposedly 15,000 mile gasr750 forks......top bushing totally worn out- I doubt this is 15k.......

oh and aftermarket seals already.... ugg---no wonder the old fluid doesn't look horrific........

new oe seals; dust and oil and new bushings.......... good thing I keep this shit in stock all the time!


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he tells me, he has no idea how to put them back nor what the "extra" screws do.......

you mean the compression dampening, rebound dampening and spring preload adjusters..........

I snapped a few pictures and sent them to him to reference.........


and these bushings and selas have gotten significantly more expensive since the last time I bougth them (bought about 4 sets last spring- this was the last comlete set I had left- now they are over $110 for all 4 bushings and both oil seals and both dust seals......... ugg
they cost me under $80 last spring

parts prices is parts prices- I really give zero fucks what they cost.... When you need them you buy them!!!!!!!

but his loose forks job just turned into $300 real fast......


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Lol. “Extra screws”. I had a guy not long ago needing a front tire on a dirt bike. If you buy the tire from me and bring me the wheel I mount for free. He says. Ok. I can do that. Next day he walks in with the wheel still mounted to the forks. Swear to god no joke. I’m thinking. Stuck axle? He said. No they slide right out? Umm. Do you know what an axle is? Points to forks. Yea. These? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ still had the caliper and everything bolted to it.

I’m really running out of ways to describe things. I tell him it’s free if he brings me the wheel. He technically did. If I say. “Bring the bike clean” then to then it just means. “Sort of sprayed off”. I honestly don’t know how to price things anymore because you don’t know how they will translate that in there logic

If you are very vague and say. “It will be between 100- 1000$ and take me anywhere from 1 hour to 10 hours. All they hear is. He said he could do it for 10$ and it will just take a hour.
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