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Hey all, hope this is being posted in the right place.

I just picked up a 207 ZX6R (my dream bike) and it came with what I thought was a simple Leo Vince slip on but after looking into it, it was more complex than I had thought.

Basically I only have the exhaust piece itself where I still need to have "A large midpipe that replaced the stock piece and a lot of hardware and brackets that allowed that muffler to be mounted in the stock location"

I contacted Leo Vince hotline and thats what they said I needed in an email. I'll attach the chart they sent to me with the parts I need but not I'm thinking well crap, where am I going to find these random parts without buying the entire kit?

So I either have a Leo Vince muffler up for sale or I am seeing if anyone has the rest of the kit for me to buy off them.


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