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kawasaki 2006 636 servo pully

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evening chaps, just been looking at the 2006 zx636 servo pully and it looks odd, theirs no cables going to it and its different to pics on google.can any one tell me if its standard? the end can is standard. cheers
il try uploading a pic ..


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I think the plate on top is different. Do you have an aftermarket exhaust installed? Normally aftermarket exhaust makers include a different plate in order to trick the servo into thinking it is still stock. Correct me if I am wrong guys.
no its a standard exhaust, I havnt owned the bike long just getting it ready for the start of the season + noticed the lack of cables on the servo.
When I got my motorcycle (same year and model), I had a different plate on it, but besides that, everything else was the same. I just removed mine about 3 weeks ago because I just received my servo buddy. There was only 2 connectors on it, that's it. Nothing special, super easy to remove.
I'd expect the valve to be in the 'open' position, without the cables attached. As you sit, the servo is not affecting engine performance at all.
That is an aftermarket servo limited plate installed on there. Im guessing at some point it did have an aftermarket exhaust as well. As long as ur not getting a FI light then everything is good.
no warning codes from the fi light, goes straight off after fuel pump primes. strange that it hasn't got the aftermarket can .
are you sure its aftermarket? if you google exhaust servo for the 636 , one of the images does show this pully, a few different ones to be honest
What exactly is your concern? If it's stock someone has taken the cables off it. If it's not it's doing what it supposed to and preventing the FI codes that come from having the motor travel beyond it's limits.

People take after market exhausts off all the time to sell bikes. You get exactly the same for a bike with an aftermarket exhaust as for a stock exhaust (don't believe anyone that tells you different, accessories on sport bikes add almost nothing to the sale price). They sell the can separate and come out ahead of the game.
not concerned as such, just trying to find out if its standard fitment or aftermarket, ive recently got the bike + just checking it over, when you start finding aftermarket bits you start wondering what else has been messed with + if its been done by a mechanic or a chimp with a screwdriver set............. ;)
That's definitely an aftermarket servo plate on top. One of the ones with the little ears on it to bump into the horizontal piece to fool the ECU into thinking that the servo has maxed out it's position one way or the other. Are you sure you don't have an aftermarket exhaust?
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