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Just purchased 14 zx6r!!

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What's up everyone, I recently traded in my 13 ninja 650 for a 14 zx6r after drooling over the bike for the past year! I started on a cbr250 before that for a short time and I'm proud to finally own one of these beautiful machines. Should be picking the bike up a week from now, been waiting since we've been getting hit with snow and the temps are below zero, I know I'm in for a cold first ride lol. I'm in md so if any others are around here let me know! Also looking for ideas to store the bike I had my 650 under a cover and really don't wanna keep the zx6r under just that, any advice appreciated.
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Yeah I def find a way to get that bike inside since it's brand new. Under a cover at the least but inside is best obviously. Build a shed outside or something if you have to, not very difficult. My garage is pretty full, so I keep my bikes in one of the spare rooms in the house lol
Man if love to park it right next to my bed but no way the woman would allow it inside lol. I was thinking maybe another shed or one of those covers u roll onto and its like a half circle that covers it? I dunno...
Yeah I mean if theft in your area isn't a problem then anything that will keep snow, rain, or whatever else off of the bike should be fine. Build another shed and lock her up. Or pay a ridiculous rate at a garage/storage unit to store it.
I have had my bike stolen in a "good" neighborhood. If I had to store one outside again, I would get this...


Oh damn never seen that one before, Ya that would kill me to have someone take it, not to mention my wallet.
I know dealerships around me offer to store it for free or a small fee if you buy it during the winter months.. Maybe check that out?
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