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Just picked up my 2013 Matte White/Black ZX6R!

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New to the forums, I've been riding a Ninja 300 for about 3 months holding out to find this exact model and I finally came across one about 70 miles south of me in Miami. So I rode down there today to check it out and 3 rough hours later, I was on my way with this beauty!

Not gonna lie, I was pretty scared leaving the lot because I knew this bike was powerful. The biggest change for me was the seating position which on the 70 mile ride back, was really uncomfortable. Hopefully I get more used to it over time. But besides that, I love this bike. It's crazy fast, the matte white and black look beautiful together and sounds amazing even with the stock exhaust.

I plan on pretty much doing the same mods that I did to my 300 (Two Bros Slip On, Motodynamic Taillight and Fender Eliminator, BK Moto 5000K Projectors and a Double Bubble Windscreen.

If you guys have any other must-do mods, just me know :)

P.S - I live in Boca Raton, FL, so if anyone wants to ride, let me know.
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Good looking bike! I would get some frame sliders first. Always want to protect such an investment.

Im a bit odd and the first thing I change is the Sprockets.

Most will agree with me on this though, Gear first and mods later.

Welcom to the forums and we look forward to seeing what you do to this beauty!
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Stunning bike you got there, def agree on the frame sliders as mentioned above. Enjoy!
beautiful bike man! enjoy it.....i picked up a '14 zx6r about 2 months ago and have loved every second with it!!

mods Ive done so far: M4 GP slip on, yoshimura frame sliders, zero gravity double bubble windscreen, fender eliminator with built in tag light, and 6k HID's

You pretty much plan on doing the same mods so only thing i can suggest is maybe the frame sliders..the yoshi ones look awesome on the bike
Nice looking bike! I came off of a 250r before I got my zx. I rode it about 2 1/2 hours home when I bought it. The seating position was definitely a big difference, but I have grown to really like the position of riding on my bike. Enjoy it man. I would definitely get a fender eliminator as one of your first mods. It looks so much better without that huge tail.
The struggle of wishing I had more money to get mods :(

I think it will most likely go in this order.

1. Fender Eliminator
2. Yoshi Frame Sliders (Thanks for the idea guys)
3. Two Brothers Slip On (Hate that huge canister)
4. Integrated Taillight (When MD restocks on the smoked)
5. Etc. I'll worry about 5 and beyond when the time comes, haha.
Oh and a set of BK Moto Projectors (I'll have him build them this time. Built mine for my Ninja 300 and buy do I regret it. Most frustrating two days of my life.)

I'll probably do that after the Integrated taillight once I save up a bit since built ones usually run around $600.
Pretty close to what I have done to mine. Except I was talked out of the two brothers and talked into the m4.

The MD taillight really cleans it up in my opinion. And very easy install. Great product.

Its great bike! Just ride safe.
Welcome to the forums. I'm so jealous I wanted the white but couldn't find one... finally gave in and got a green.
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Looks good man, I almost gave in to that exact color scheme . I walked in wanting The all black, almost walked out because they only had the white in stock. Dealer tried to get me to bite on the white ABS model I thought about it hard & finally I said No thanks and was leaving as he said ok if I get you the black one will you buy it I said Yup.
Excellent choice! Can't go wrong with a KAWI my friend

I have a '13 green one, my brother wants to trade his '07 ninja in for a newer model, I'm trying to convince him to get the 2015 special edition ABS one, price is a little steep here in Canada (MSRP $13,349) but we'll figure out a way to get it this summer 2015.

The first ever supersport bike I hopped on was a ninja and also did some test rides on Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki. However, I only set my eyes on the ninja, it was like love at first sight.
Welcome and you have great taste buddy :) and yes, besides getting rid of the ugly canister, invest in some frame sliders. That was my first purchase. Hope you got a decent deal out there.
nice, welcome to the club. Looks good.
The best gear ur wallet will allow! Nice ride.
Hello and welcome!
Well its been 3 months and this bike is amazing, loving every moment of it
Probably have put about $700 of mods into it and once I get my bonus this month will be putting another $500 into it haha
Well its been 3 months and this bike is amazing, loving every moment of it
As you should be! :bigthumb:

Welcome out as well, gorgeous bike!
Sweeeeet !!! Nice bike bro and treat her well !!!!
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