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JTI S2 slip on

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Hey gang, just thought I'd share some pics of my new slip-on. I just brought this bike home from the dealer a couple weeks ago and I'm finally done with mods for now. It was bone stock when I got it. Anyways, the slip on is from JTI Products Inc. This particular model is the JTI S2. They have a few options for the 05-06 and 07-08 models. Check them out at jtiproducts.com. It was an easy install and very light compared to the heavy stock can.
Here ya go.

I downloaded an app on my phone for a DB reading, so I posted my results of stock vs the JTI S2. I dunno how accurate it is, but just shows there is a difference.

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Are u satisfied with it and why didn't u go with s4??
I have the S4 on my bike and I love it
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