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"Joe Bar Team" Comic, Anyone reading?

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There is this very funny comic series about some biker friends that hang out at Joes' Bar, they always race each other and end up in the hospital. :laugh

I think its' origin is France but it should be translated in English, as i found it in Greek.

At the moment there are 8 of the series (Joe Bar Team 1 to 8) and a special called something like "Insane Encyclopedia for Bikers".

If anyone happens to have 7 and 8 in english, give me a link or something...I can only find it in French. :crazy

Edit: Something more in English i found: http://www.spokanister.net/humor_joebarteam.html
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Joe Bar was in UK Superbike for a while.
Fred Gassit was another good cartoon in Superbike back in the day.
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