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Ivan's performance review

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About 2 weeks ago I purchased a smog delete from Ivan's performance I was hesitant to spend $50 on the kit when I could have fabbed it up myself but at the end of the day I support small businesses and pulled the trigger ... He's old school so gave him a call around 4pm EST placed the order and when I got home the next day ... Sure enough the package was waiting for me at my door, very fast shipping and the guy stands behind his product not to mention everything to complete the Job including plug to keep the F.I light off I highly recommend is services to anyone who's in the market for the smog delete or ecu tunning !
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Sounds solid, word of mouth/positive reviews like these probably help companies like this quite a bit!
Add some Pics of the install! I was looking at buying the Ivan's also
Ivan is a celebrity over on the FZ1 forums as he single-handedly created a fuel map that eliminates the throttle snatch that troubles the fuel-injected FZ1's. He is great to do business with and stands behind his stuff 100%. I wouldn't hesitate to utilize his services or products.
I bought pretty much everything Ivan sold for the FZ1 and the last thing I did was the ECU flash and fuel map to go with it. It made the bike absolutely brilliant! Unfortunately I wrecked the bike back in April so all the hard work was gone, but I'll vouch 100% for his products and the way he stands behind his work and reputation.
I've got his jet kit in my ZRX1200 and it works great. Everyone swears by his stuff.
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