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Integrated Tail Light

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Hey everyone!

Picked myself up a 2013 636 last year and could not be happier with it. I recently was shopping around for integrated tail lights. Most people seemed to have gone with the motodynamic one and love it. Unfortunately they were out of stock so I ended up picking up one off ebay which is a Power Grid integrated from MC Motoparts. For the price im not expecting the same quality as the motodynamic one but wanted to know if anything had any experience with it. Also I was curious to know if it is plug and play or will I have to be splicing.

Thanks for any info you can give me
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Most likely you'll have to do splicing. Couple tips:

The taillight itself most likely wont be plug and play. You can cut a few inches off of the stock taillight wires and splice those into the integrated taillight. This will then make your integrated tail light plug and play which is awesome in case you do track riding and have to disconnect the light or say you have to replace parts if you get into a wreck.

As far as splicing, theres youtube videos out there but its fairly easy. The taillights also sometimes come with these fancy wire ends or other things to try to make splicing easier, but I've had bad experience with them and in my opinion, they make the connections easier to pull apart so I don't use them and just cut the wires and join them using the "Y' method described below.

I use the sharp wire cutter part of a plier to put a little cut into the wire insulation about a half inch down the wire. This takes care and even practice to be able to cut into the insulation but not cut into the copper wire. I've also used razor blades as well but. I then use the plier to pull off that half inch of insulation. A soft tug should pull the insulation off. If not, cut more of the insulation. With the exposed inner copper wires, I split them into a "Y". I then take the two wires that I am splicing and connect their respective "Y" branches to the opposite wire and twist. I then take the joined "Y" wires and twist them back into a single wire and try to coil it into around itself to minimize the amount of wire sticking out to make it easier to wrap with electrical tape. I like this method because it really makes it hard to pull the wires apart.

Use enough electrical tape to where you're confident that if you poured a glass of water on the connection, no water would touch the exposed wires.

All of the above has yet to fail any of my splicing projects.
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Perfect! thanks for all the info. I have done splicing before with tail lights and turn signals in the past. The seller told me that it was plug and play, but i had my doubts.
I know you already got a tail light but seems like a lot of people are not aware of TST industries.
I have TST intergrate tail-lights just love that thing.

if you want plug and play you will have to order module (or w.e they call in on website) when you order tail light,

I had ebay brand and it literally fall apart, LED died, tail light cover fall off,
so I got TST and loving it very much, looks great, works great, just feel much higher quality, and fits great

tail light and module will cost around $100 all together,

2005 zx6r here btw.
I have the Motodynamics taillight and it is completely plug-and-play. You can turn the pulse on stop feature on and off and can also set the turn signal to normal or sequential operation. That light cost me around $85 and has worked flawlessly on my '14 ZX 636. Highly recommended
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I have a customLED taillight its like the brightest one on the market so they say. it even has flashers and you can program it to strobe when you brake(people will pay more attention to the strobes when stopping) Plus their products plug and play.
So i received my tail light and as expected it is not plug and play......:O

I have attached some pictures, I have an idea of the soldering and work that needs to be done, but if anyone can chime in and confirm what needs to be done it would reassure me some!

Obviously the brake light is plug and play....yay! I have posted some pics showing the other two wires from the tail light and the original turn signal plugs.


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bump! any suggestions? I thought I knew what to do....I take that back
Hard to tell without knowing what wire connects to which light. Did you get any instructions with the new tail light? Were you able to find the wiring diagram for your bike?
i am ok regarding splicing, RedandBlack outlined the process perfectly! I am just confused because the original plugs in picture 2 have 2 wires coming out of them. Am i supposed to just attach both of them to my one plug from the integrated light?
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