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Tools needed
-Flat head srew driver
-3/8 socket and socket wrench
-Size 5 Allen wrench

Clutch side
-Remove the nut on the bottom side of the lever (3/8).

-The nut is easier to access if you remove the two bolts that hold the whole lever and actuator on the handle clip-om (both 5mm allen wrench)

-Once you have the nut off you need to loosen the clutch cable by turning the big silver adjuster that connects to the base of the lever.
-Once the cable is loose, pull the clutch out and remover the cable from the inside of the clutch.
-Next remove the spacer that is inside the clutch and put it in the new lever.

-Next place the cable back in its place on the inside of the lever
-Reposition lever back inside of actuator.
-But bolt thorugh hole and screw the nut back on the bottom (3/8 socket wrench)
-When the bolt is back in place and the lever is bolted back to the clip-on, tighten clutch cable to preference.

Brake Side
-Remove screw from the bottom of the brake (3/8 socket wrench)

-Then remove the flathead screw from the top off the brake lever.

-Then remove the brake lever.
-when replace the new brake lever in its place you will notice a "pin" sticking out make sure that "pin" is seated in the cut out on the brake lever for it otherwise you the new lever will not be able to slide into place.
-Once the "pin" is in it's place the new lever is is on screw the flathead screw back in.
-Then screw the bolt back on the bottom. (3/8 socket wrench)

Hope this helps!
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