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Hey guys. I bought an Ignition Module for my 05-06. I currently don't have the funds for a dyno tune... I am planing this for the next months. Just hooked the Ignition Module and done a homemade quickshifter. It worked like a charm; however, I was thinking for playing with the ignition timing a bit. Can someone tell me what would be the ultimate timing or at least some timing for base. I just want to feel if there would be any difference from now. I read all over Google and here... no specific information. Some forums say that I should not add timing above %80 throttle and that the Ignition Module does not actually change timing 10degrees but 3-4 real world degrees. I would appreciate any info on this. I am willing to go at the drag strip this weekend as we have drag challenge. My power mods are:

Akra slip on
Micron headers
BMC race version
Secondary butterflies removed
PC3 with a custom map (not for my bike but still feels ok. Much better than DJ one)
Ignition Module with QS

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