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Ignition key position sticker '02 Zx6r

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Hey all. Can some post up a picture of the sticker around the ignition for a 2002 zx-6r? I'm rebuilding the bike for my wife and it has completely worn away and is blank. Can't find a good enough google pic with the proper positions etc to have one made up at the local vinyl shop.

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Sorry....If I had an 02 I would...only got an 05' and a 12' :O
Thanks anyway. I know the positions left to right "Park - Lock - Off - On" but just wanted a graphic to have to reproduced. I'll wing it.

I couldn't find anything specifically stating that it's from a 2002, but are some examples I found:

Do any of these look like yours?



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Thanks! I can't really tell because it's just silver, no writing. On mine the parking light position is after the steering lock, the above pics have it after the "On" position, so reversed. But should be good enough to have one made.

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