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.... I figured that the people who may be interested would be looking at this part of the forum and not just the "for sale" section.

OK, I am selling my ZX6 G2 as I am unable to afford to run this along with my car at the minute due to excess travel that I am doing to get to work currently and the bike is the one that drew the short straw.

The bike is in good condition for her age and has been rided softly by myself as I am a new rider. Her bodywork reflects her age with some minor scraps and stone chips, which is to be expected.

I cant remember milage, but I will post that when I get home along with some pictures also.

She had a new front tyre whe she was MOT'd and I replaced the rear tyre in October. I will check time left on both MOT and Tax again when I get home.

I have purchased a double bubble screen, which is fitted. I will supply the original screen with the bike.

The bad points:

I'm not entirely sure when the last service was done, so this will need doing sooner rather then later. But other then this, I can think of no other bad points.

I am looking for a quick sale and this is reflected in the small sum I am looking for, just £1600 will bag you this bargain in time for the spring/summer. (I paid considerably more then this only 9 months ago)

If you wish to come and view the bike, please PM me and we can arrange a mutually agreeable time.

*I am an honest seller, with real reasons for the sale, I dont wish to waste peoples time and would hope that I wont have mine wasted.*

Just checked and she is MOT'd until May this year and Tax'd until June. Also she has covered just over 22400 Miles.

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