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I don't ride, i drive!

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Hello! My name is Brad, i am here pretty much for the classifieds section (mostly motors and aftermarket motor parts) and hope to be able to ask some technical questions regarding the motors as well.

I do not own a motorcycle, i do however race Micro Sprints (or Mini-Sprints depending on where you are in the country). I've been running a ZX6r (a few RR motors as well) for the last 10 years. Currently i have a 636 running on methanol with a custom built flat-slide fuel injection. The motor itself has all the goodies, Carrillo Rods, Wiseco Pistons, etc. Obviously the stock ECU wasn't going to cut it so i've been running a Motec system for the last few years and LOVE IT. My father and i do all of the motor work outselves.

Recently a lot of the tracks i race are beginning to outlaw 636 motors so that is forcing us to go back to the 600. I will be scouring the classifieds every day looking for good deals on 6R and 6RR motors. Here are some pics of my ride, as well as some engine carnage. Thanks all


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Sup brother ... cool little ride you've got there.

So, here's how you go about getting 600 engine, cheap. Hang around on the forum as a lurker. You will find certain phrases very important to your search.

"Guys, I was doing [XXX mph] and I was like, see ya po-po."
"Anyone going to the ROC?"
"So my buddy has a GSXR and ... "
Any user that uses hashtags in their comments.

... others can help me out here ... brain freeze ...

Anyway, jot down the name of the person who made that statement, then check back in two weeks for his crash report, or if he's gone silent send an in-site message to the person asking about the status of their bike. It's likely that you will be able to pick up the engine for next to nothing, provided it was not destroyed in whatever wreck they got into.

Best of luck my friend! Keep lurking!
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Welcome! I think we just had somebody else who does the same thing join recently, those things looks pretty sweet
Hello and welcome!
I dig it. Welcome aboard!
OMG I would feel so trapped in that thing. No way I could do that.
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