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Hi from North Central Victoria, Australia

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd post and say hi to everyone. Picked up my second ZX6 during the week. We'll it got dropped off by a courier but you get the drift. This one is a 2001 in blue that I bought sight unseen from Queensland. Photos looked great and the dealer seemed ok. Turns out it's not and they are bastards. Dent in the tank covered by a sticker, faded plastics and switchgear, cloudy headlight lenses, faded and torn seat, different bolts holding the speedo in just to name a few. Bit disappointed but what can you do? I got it pretty cheap so can't complain too badly. I can fix most stuff cheaply but it's still a pain in the arse to get something in a condition that's not as described. But that's the danger of buying sight unseen. No wonder it was cheaper than similar ZX6Rs around here.

So a bit about me. I think this is bike number 18. I had a 96 zx6 and loved it so thought I'd get another when I'd been bikeless for nearly 12 months. I tried to give it away due to two young kids but I'm a misery guts with no bike. Some people meditate, some people shoot things or hit things. I ride.

I really like the look of the J1's and J2's especially. I've had all sorts of bike from a GS1200, fjr1300, gsx1400, vfr800, zrx1200, RSV Mille etc etc. Learnt a long time ago that bigger is not always better. My bike for the last few years was a DR650 which I loved to death. Adventure riding tends to lead to offs and injuries that road riding doesn't (for me anyway) so hence coming back full circle to the ZX. Can't wait to get it reggo'd and on the road. Even if it is a diamond in the bloody rough ;)

Anyway, g'day from Oz. I'm sure I'll be here for a while.
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Hello and welcome!
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