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Hi All :)

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Hi everyone,

Though im not new to bikes, im new to the 600cc class.

In the past, ive had a Rs 125 (chavvy i know), Zx7r '00, Zx9r '00, Zx10r '07, and lastly, a Gsxr 1000 '04- which i lost my license with :).

Lost my license an with that, and my job with that. So now im sorted, got a job again, an back on track with my bikes.

Stupidity pays a price. Wont be doing 143mph again with cars around, as i got busted by an unmarked car. A long and hard lesson, keep idiot riding for the track.

Anyways, i decided to get a cheap run around for the mean time...... and, though i went in there thinking the above, bought myself a cheap Zx6r '01. Battered and very weathered.

Heres the ebay add (saves me from uploading photos as she isnt washed yet) -http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kawasaki-Zx6r-J1-2001-Lowered-OFFERS-WELCOME-/161604069595?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item25a05a68db


I never realized how much more confident i am on this thing then i was with the other bikes. Went through my bike career thinking bigger is better, which to an extent is very true, as i do miss the torque, but since i got her, it feels less like showing off, and more like enjoying the bike. Now thats at 47k! Im looking forward to sorting myself out a newer one this year.

Thats enough of my waffle, im also here to check out the good info ive read up on this site, an thought its about time i actually signed up.

Now hmmmmm, now i need to figure out if the r6 throttle tube mod or the cable tie mod would work on this 01.


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Welcome to the Forums! :)
Welcome! I know the zip tie mod will work. The R6 throttle tube I believe does as well but you would have to search that up for sure. It looks like a semi clean bike, nothing a little elbow grease won't fix up ha.

Any plans for her other than the throttle?
Welcome, Adam.

Glad to hear you are back on two wheels.

Might be worth going through the fork and shock, the brakes, the coolant, check out the steering stem bearings, chains and sprockets... probably in need of a battery.... looking forward to seeing how this comes out.
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Top stuff guys thanks!

Thanks yellow. Dont really fancy using superglue for the cable tie mod, or should i say, dont want to take the risk in over super gluing it, but on a happy note, ive managed to pester Rifleman from the zx10r.net to see if he could sort us out an insert, so will see how that goes once it arrives :).

Keeping her all how she is barring new tyres and the throttle mod. Maybe a new set of fairings as these weathered ones dont do her any justice.

Already sorted RJ, baring the steering stem bearings, will need to do that for this weekend an inspect them :)

ROTFL! So true Off Camber :)


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