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Hey there!

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Hey there,

The bmanned DeBo. Real name is actually Greg. But I use my military nickname :2fingerlol:

I actually joined this forumn to see if I could get a 2005-2006 complete belly fairing. If you know any one ir you have one let me know. I have a customs shop down town in Grand Rapids, Mi. I will be posting my custom 636.

I do a new "Ride for a cause" since I have a lot of friends in the military eith issues, or family and friends with issues. I paint my bike / customize my bike to certain colors. Example this year will be a custom theme for pancreatic cancer

Purple & white. With a touch of the standard gold. I thought it'd be cool to share this with some forumns and heard this was a great forumn

- DeBo -
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Welcome, cant wait to see pictures. The people on this site love pictures!!
Welcome! That sounds like a great project!
Hello and welcome!
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