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Hey everybody! noob alert

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Thought I'd introduce myself!

I have a green '05 636 total stock
Noob to everything so wanna learn as much as possible
Stay classy
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Welcome, you'll learn a lot from this site. Very knowledgeable group of individuals on this website and if they don't know it they know someone who will. :)

I'll beat other users to the punch with this emote lol:
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Welcome! Paul is correct that we really need pictures for this thread to have any value at all. You picked a great bike tho :bigthumb:

We seem to have an influx of UK folk lately
Welcome to the club, and rule of thumb for this site, everyone like pictures, tons of pictures, pictures out the ass, pictures until you explode.
Hello and welcome!
I say you get a pass for now, only because your avatar pic is a winner FHRITP!!!!
Hey thanks for the welcome guys.

Here she is ... !

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