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Okay so I just bought a 2006 zx636. Bike has a slip on exhaust. Bike runs great when fully warmed up (200-215) but when riding it the temp drops to 160-180 the bike breaks up in the power band. I did the jumper mod and put a servo buddy on it. Changed the spark plugs and checked air filter. Can someone help me out. I just bought a power commander for it and waiting for it to arrive to see if a tune will help it but I'm not sure what's wrong with it
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Welcome! hi, introduce yourself...post some pics. As to your question...I dont understand? If you're wondering about the 160-180 drop when riding/moving there's nothing wrong with that.
Welcome to the forum. As others said not much details or pics on your issue Boywonder13 :O

That being the case....I am going to suggest something stupid and simple, are you still on the first tank of gas from when you bought the bike? can be something as simple as old gas or water getting in your fuel tank to cause those "hiccups" in your rev-band :eh:

Sounds like you did a simple tune up which is a good start :bigthumb:
I recommend you try and "Fix" whatever issue you are having before installing that power commander.....my $0.02 :oops:
Is this your first bike?

What RPMs are you having issues?

Describe the "issues" exactly.. "breaking up" isn't a term I have ever heard except when the rubber isn't on the road.
Hello and welcome!
I've Ben through a few tanks of gas. Tried fuel injector cleaner. But I mean when I say breaking up, when I twist the throttle from 8-12k the Rpms climb really slow then climb fast again after 12k. Buddy of mine seems to think it needs a tune. When bike is 200 degrees and up to 214 when the fan kicks on the bike accelerates perfectly. But when temp drops, in the powerband the power lags. It's not like a slipping clutch. The Rpms don't climb
Well guys I installed new power commander and bike runs awesome now!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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