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Help with new purchase

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My wife and I picked up a 2002 the other day. I also have a KLR 650 and can rip it apart and back together in a day, easily. But the Ninja is a new beast and I'm not that familiar with what i should be looking for. When purchased i drove it beforehand, and felt/heard no issues, everything worked great. Things noticed so far:

1. Clutch lever - ball broken off on end
2. Full fairing replacement eventually but mostly just showing age. Previous owner did a panic stop and did a slide, one crack and slide damage
3. Owner gave me 4 bottles of castol 10w40 and one 10w50 as spares + kawi filter
4. Has brand new Michelin Pilot (?) front and rears
5. Looks like a full Yoshi header and pipe. (Pipe is a nice gold colour so not running lean)
6. Owner said all carbs where synced the week prior
7. Sprockets, chain and brake pads look good

Anyway, the only thing i can think of is that it makes a tic while driving, like a flap wheel. I've read about a solenoid for the stock exhaust but am unsure if this is what i hear.

Are there things i should double check or just have piece of mind and let the kawi dealer have a good once over?

In the mean time, I'll continue surfing here for info.

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Welcome and congrats on the purchase!
As far as the your 'issues' seems all normal stuff. the clutch lever can easily be replaced along with some fairings of course. I would do an extensive run through of the bike. Unless you knew the previous owner who knows what kinda maintenance has been done ya know?

I always change the oil and filter immediately after I buy any vehicle from anyone unless the oil when you check it looks brand new like it was just poured in. I just don't trust people haha.

Check all your fluids, brake pads for wear, clean and lube the chain etc etc. As far as the tick you hear it just depends on how loud and definitive it is. My 01 always had a very faint tick i could hear at low speeds or RPM's.
Again congrats and i hope you love the bike!
The infamous kawi tick. Usually nothing to worry about. I believe it has something to do with the cam chain tensioner. Over time they loosen up slightly and you'll get a pronounced tick. Just about every kawi out there in the world has it at one point in it's lifetime lol.
Congrats on the new bike! The ticking sound is "normal". Most of us here have the ticking sound. A manual CCT could help it from what I've heard, but I just let it tick and keep riding on. As Yellow said, I would still do all the regular maint as soon as you can. It's just a piece of mind thing for me. This way you know it's actually been done. Welcome!
The tick is not "normal", smh. Yes, it is a common problem with Kawi's, but it isn't normal. The tick is a malfunctioning cam chain tensioner. When a cam chain loosens over time, the tensioner automatically adjusts to provide the correct amount of tension on the chain. Do you know what happens when you have a loose cam chain and continue to ride your bike? That's right, it can come off, turning your "normal" tick into a terrible catastrophe. Download your service manual from the service manual section of this site and follow the steps on removing and resetting your current tensioner. If you find that it is damaged you can buy a new auto tensioner or switch to a manual tensioner as a lot if guys do. It's a fairly simple process and should be done if your hearing a pronounced tick. At times you can hear a slight tick when the tensioner is in between clicks, but this goes away once it reaches the next setting. Please get this taken care of and try not to ride that much with this issue. Take care of your bike and it will take care of you. And follow the service manual first and foremost, not the majority if advice you get on here (your bike will last longer).
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Thanks all. Seems the CCT is normal for Kawi's then. KLRs have the same issue where the spring needs replacing on the tensioner. Some people never bother and are fine, some people have a busted engine in 3000km.

I've got the manual already so will open it up and do a manual adjustment as well as all fluids etc in the next day or two.

Is the tick there when you are stopped and it is just idling, or is it only there when you are moving? If it's only there when you are moving, then it's probably not the cam chain.
Seems to be when moving, but fairly faint.
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