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Help With Fuel Light & Oil Light

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I recently completed my bike build at the end of summer, however I had a devastating knee injury and was unable to ride her but 4 times before I got hurt. Anyways, while I was riding I had two issues: no low fuel indicator at all, which I didn't know so I ran out of gas and the second issue was is once I was riding for a little while the oil pressure warning light would start coming on randomly. The bike is an 05 ZX-6RR with the HellsRazor gauge swap controller and 2010 ZX6R gauges on it. It is totally babied. Has 10k miles on it and only about 100 since the rebuild and gauge swap. The bike runs fine while the Oil light blinks but it is still scary as I don't know if something is wrong. Right now it has Royal Purple oil in it and a Kawi filter. I really want to figure this out. I don't feel like putting my old gauges back on, it would be a huge pain in the ass because of some custom things I did to the bike. Thanks for all your help ahead of time guys. I appreciate this forum and am glad to be a part of it. Oh and if anyone wants to ride this
Spring/Summer in Pittsburgh, let me know!!

Thank you guys! If I left out useful info just tell me what you need.
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