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Hello stunters!

I'm trying to get stunt parts for a 2013 ZX6R and make it stunt ready, but despite my best efforts and prolonged research I'm still lost on how to get this done.

Here's what I'm trying to do.

A Freestyle Crash cage. (Dunno what to get or where to get it)
Vortex 55 Sprocket. 55 is the size I believe.
525 Chain, very long, 130?
A Sub Cage. RSC
Apex handlebars.
Megura Handbrakes.
Mirror block off plates.
2Brothers Slip on short black or silver series. (which is better?)
Red colored Brake lines.
1piston 4 piston big rotor.(uh?..)

So how am I doing so far? and where is the best place to shop for these parts in the US?

Thanks in advance.
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