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Help! 05 zx6r wont start!

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Hello everyone,

I just had my bike running and while it was running i popped the seat off the check under their because i was planning to do the jumper mod. So i moved the a couple of wires around but didnt disconnect anything and bike still ran fine no problems. Once the temp reached around 210 i turned it off. After about 5 mins i tried to start the bike and it wont start now.

Any ideas whats going on? could it be the ecu? Sometimes when i try to crank it in the middle of the crank the guage starts to cycle thru and make the fuel priming noise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have no way of taking the bike to a mechanic unless i rent a truck.
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Sounds like your battery is dead
The bike was running like 5 minutes before this started to happen tho. I wonder if it's a short somewhere from me moving the wires.
+1 on battery. They do weird things. Any battery that's over 2 years old should always be the first thing checked or replaced in an electrical problem. And if the battery has a history of dieing (leaving your bike on), sitting for a long time, or other things issues that drain the battery, it should definitely be the first thing checked and replaced no matter how old.

Go buy a new battery and see if that helps. If it's not it, return it or just save it for when you will need it.
OK I will see of my local autozone have a battery.
The bike was running like 5 minutes before this started to happen tho. I wonder if it's a short somewhere from me moving the wires.
If you don't know how old the battery is, it's almost certainly the culprit. Runing a bike at idle typically doesn't do a good job of re-charging the battery, if you stopped and started it a couple of times, and it's been sitting most of the winter, it all adds up to a battery that had a weak charge to start with that was run low at idle.

Toss the battery on a trickle charger, and see if it can be topped up. It would be wise to just go ahead and buy a new battery -- more than 5 years on a bike battery is pretty good life.
Yeah I honestly dont know how old this battery is. I purchased the bike right before fall and started the bike once every 2 weeks and i let it idle for 10 more minutes. I did my usual thing today but i also moved some wires around like i stated on my first post but i guess since the bike was just idling it was enough to charge it.

I will try getting a battery and see. Thanks.
Update: So I replaced the battery and she fired up right away. Checked the volts while the bike running and it read between 13-14 volts (my mulitimeter doesnt show decimal point). She seems to be fine but wont know for sure till I take it on a ride.
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