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Helmet mounts for 13-15 636

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Hey guys. So I've come across this issues a few times now. I need to go pick up my backpack but her helmet is at my house. How do you guys secure the extra helmet to your bike as you go to pick her up? If your rear seat is replaced with a shiny waxed cowl then kudos!
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Leave the helmet at her house...:O

Or loop the chin strap around the seat lock.
She tends to "forget it" a lot if she gets picked up from here. I've been strapping it under the seat but it moves around a lot. I was just wondering if there was something more stable.
Take the back seat off, take the chin strap and tighten slightly, there is like a part under the seat that kind of looks like a hook of sorts toward the front side, that is where I put the strap. To make it more secure though and not hang off so much I also put the visor facing downward not up. Tighten the strap up as needed depending how it sits when the seat is clipped back on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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