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Hello everyone. got a 636 a few months ago and just found this forum so thought I would join.

been riding for 10+ years I currently have a yamaha fz6 a honda shadow and the 636.

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I'm gonna guess the progression has been from the Shadow, to the Fazer, to the 636?

Sounds familiar....

I had a '01 Suzuki Marauder (VZ800C), then an '05 Yamaha FZ6, and now the '09 ZX6.

Every step a quantum leap in suspension quality, handling, braking, and power...

Welcome. 10 years in FL should amount to some serious seat time. How many miles, all told?
Yes. You are correct. Shadow, fz6, and the 636. There were a few others along the way but they had no meaning to me and t traded or sold them.

I just moved to fl last summer from Michigan so not allot of time riding here. To be honest I couldn't say how many miles I have put on throughout the years it is quite a few though.
Welcome to the forums!
Hello and welcome! Congrats on the new bike!
Just curious, Forgot your password already and created a new account lol?

anyways, welcome
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Just noticed the change in username lol. Anyhow welcome to this wonderful group
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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