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Hey everyone! My name is Gully. Just got my first bike 09 ZX6R with 10k miles. Love the bike but... the brake light stays on when I use the front break lever. The only way to get it to go to normal is if I flick the brake lever forward after using it. Any help on how I can fix this problem before I start using the bike daily? Thanks everyone and sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong thread.
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Hey! I had this issue with my rear brake light always stuck on. I consulted the service manual to figure it out. Which by the way you can find on this forum via 'home>service manuals'. My brake light switch had already been adjusted fully so that was not an option. After figuring how it worked I just removed the brake light switch spring and re bent the hook 5 mm lower. Works a treat now. I don't know if the front brake works the same though... maybe a similar adjustment can be made... I am interested to find out myself
Ill have to try that. Thanks @james1313
Mine was doing the same thing with the front lever. I took off the lever and added a small piece of shrink tubing to the prong that pushes the mastercylinder. This made the lever pull out further which cut the light switch off. Just lubed up everything since it was off and it was good to go! Hope this helps!!
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The switch on the brake lever is probably gummed up and needs to be cleaned/lubed. Are the levers OEM or aftermarket? If they are aftermarket, they may need to be adjusted properly.
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