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I got this ‘19 636 from a friend, he bought it and ran it for 800mi and gave up on it, letting it sit for a couple of years. Took it to the dealership for the 600mi check and oil change, started using it, and ended up loving everything about the bike. Right now it has 2400 on it, and I made a deal with my friend to be able to call it mine. When looking up on google for that basic “what’s a good oil” for it, found the forum, and here I am.

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I’ve been riding for many years, but most of my riding years is with nakeds doing lane splitting (not only legal but encouraged where I’m from). Living in Texas is a lot of straight roads and heat, everything very far apart and no lane splits. Very different experience from what I’m used, but I still enjoy riding nevertheless.

So, hello to all, and thanks to everyone who keep this nice and tidy place to learn and share information on these awesome bikes!
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