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Hello again!

I am happy to say that thanks to this group I purchased a 2023 ZX6R ABS KRT about 2 weeks ago. And thanks to global warming, today I got my 600 mile Break in service :)

Full discloser, I did drop it before I even left the parking lot the day I bought it. I over corrected (like on an 800lb Harley) and locked the front wheel to the left at a near stop and just when over before I even knew what has what. Broke the left foot peg and part of the faring, so like $500 damage before I ever got off the lot. Its all good though - I ordered the parts, and the dealership gifted and installed some frame sliders for me.

Since then however it has been a fanatic experiance and ride. Now that the break in period is over I am looking for folks in/near Raleigh NC to ride with.

Thanks again for everything!!!

Thank you,
Rob Dusablon
Computer Programming - Python
Green Hope High School -Rm 2308
2500 Carpenter Upchurch Road
Cary, NC 27519

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