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Thank you!! I was wondering if so but I left it alone until I made sure, I will try again after work today. Happen to know anything about making the headlights come back on? I tried cleaning the Plug…
Check grounds. Get a manual I’m manuals section and check ground. I can tell which wire it is later. You should be able to easily find. Wiring diagram super easy to read.

Multimeter test. Each headlight has two wires. The same color wires for each side are ground. Back probe or unplug and test directly. Should have continuity with neg battery terminal or any spot on engine with an ohm test.

The following should be able to be tested with dc volt test and multimeter probes on the two sides of plug. Either + or - 12v. The other wire on low side should have 12v when bike is started, or once it’s started and killed with kick stand but key is still in one positions. The other wire on high side should get 12v when hi beam turned on. Don’t think bike has to be started, just key on.
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