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Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

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Todd (trackdayhero), myself and some members of the MCRA did Hallett this weekend. I suppose I should have posted a notice beforehand to see if anybody else from this forum was going to go. :coocoo The track was awesome and it was also cool because they run it backwards on Sunday so you get two tracks in one weekend! The price is reasonable @ $125 per day, the staff was very friendly and the food was great! Nice place. Look up Hallet and try to get out to one of their Motorcycle Lapping Days, you won't regret it! My next track day is at NOLA, April 18-19. Anybody else here going? :yumyum:
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I had fun this weekend! You were looking great out there Paul! I did post a thread about it a few days before we went but no takers. I thought some of our buddies here from Texas were going to come up but never ran into them.
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I thought this date was later in the year? Or am I getting it confused with something else? Chris and I were racing at TWS this weekend.
We (MCRA) are going there in July but a few of us went this weekend to scope the place out and figure out how we're going to work our racing program in there.
Ah, okay. I'd like to see about possibly making the July round. We'll see how funds are then.
The cost for track time at Hallett is definitely worth it in my opinion. It's not the fastest track I've been to but the technical aspect is awesome if you're into that kind of ride.
Hallett is just an hour or so from here. I will have to give it a try sometime... not to soon I don't think I am ready just yet.
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