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Grip length??

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Well I just got done doing a nice fresh oil change and installed some new HEL lines front and rear, also threw on my new Renthal grips but it looks like I got the wrong size. They fit on the bars but they are not long enough. I didn't see any options on length when ordering, any ideas?

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My shaft is too long for the rubber too.
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Hahhahahahahah. Nice.
Renthal does list different diameter ones but are 125mm in length or 4.92 inches long. I have motion pro grips on my race bike and they fit perfect. Motion pro says their length is 4.8 inches long. Renthal list the G175 as 3 inches long....looks like you need this one. Renthal G149 Black Full Diamond Firm Compound Sportbike Grip, specs say 4.75 inches long
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