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Glad I Didnt Crash!

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hey guys well today i had to go to work and i realized 1:30hr after i got to work while i was trying to move my 2007 zx6r i realized that it was harder to move my motorcycle than usual. I look down to the rear tire and well it was flat!!!! not sure when that incident happened though which is the scary part! i have a 30 minute commute on highway 1 in California( for you so cal people that pch up in the monterey bay area, we dont call it pch up here hahaha). so im glad that it didnt effect me while on the highway, that could have been a bad situation!
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The leak must've happened right before you got to work, I can't kmagine you would've made it a half hour with a leak. The tire going flat isn't a crazy terrifying thing it just gets very sluggish and is difficult to turn. If it were to happen, just gradually get to the side while slowing and don't try anything too quick
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