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Ghilli man at it again!!! Helmet drag

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I don't know if he saw Scott Redding try it and decided to document it properly but here it is again on a R6 this time, shot properly from multiple angles.

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I think it's pretty cool, I want to say he did it for a fundraiser for something too...Daytona 200 maybe?

I'll check
he lives in AZ actually. really down to earth guy.
I wish it had a practical purpose so I could add another skill to the skill bag. I guess I will just continue dragging the elbow.
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I want to try it. I bet I could get pretty close. I've got an old helmet...haha
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I think when Scott did it he had almost the same body position as when he is racing and just tried to make a progression from it. Where as this guy although very impressive really contorts himself to make it happen.

Note* i am bias as I am a huge Redding fan :bigthumb:
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This guy has been doing that for quite some time now.
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