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Gear Bags You Use, If Any

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Hey peeps, well i mainly use my 2007 zx6r to commute from the casa(house) to work and school, but i often ride canyons on it too. Usually i carry a backpack but ive never liked having one on while riding so does anyone have?use/recommend a good quality tail bag? im not a huge fan of tank bags so i would much rather have a tail bag.
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Kriega for the win! They come in a variety of sizes. The mounting system is very secure, so you don't have to worry about your bag flying off the bike. They are a little pricey, but well worth it IMHO.
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A few guys i ride with use fanny packs, good for carrying your wallet, phone and go pro batteries.
Although i have too much self respect to wear one myself.
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+1 for kreiga, i have the us20 and use it daily on/off bike.
Hitlers cat: I'm in the same boat buddy. Don't think I would ever ride with a phony pack hahaha

Boston636 and vegasluver: thanks I'll look into that company!
Don't knock the fanny pack, or as I prefer the Bumbag.

I use one most all the time, Hardly notice it & its not that noticeable to others.
Can you spot it here in this pic of me on the docks in Liverpool? ...

On the Isle of Man....

Last year at the Dragon...

Don't knock it till you try it.
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For OP, you don't like riding with backpacks...which ones have you tried?

I ask because my Kriega R25 feels like it isn't even there. If you judge backpacks by the typical style you might see high school/college students wearing, I can see why you don't like them.
RobMoore: I've had the same backpack since my first semester in college lol it's just a regular Jordan backpack haha I'm kinda stuck between a tail bag or a motorcycle specific backpack haha.
Oldninjadude: good point abt that fanny pack. An really see it hah but I need more space since I commute most of the time on the bike so I need space for bigger things too.
im using motocentric bags and have no compaints

not even expanded at all here. tons of room and all snap (buckles) together as one

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Why is this thread dead??!!!

I never was able to install a ram mount for my phone to be able to use gps.

Anyone ever use something like this SEDICI - GPS Magnetic Tank Bag - Sedici - ExclusiveBrands - Cycle Gear ? ?

Im also toying with the idea of getting either a larger tank bag or tail bag for those longer weekend trips. ^^ good stuff up there, but the more ideas the better.
Because I don't have very good topics haha.
Because I don't have very good topics haha.
Did you ever get a tank bag? Tail bag? Anything?
No I ened d up getting a closer job closer to home and I took some time off school. Will probably start looking soon since I'll be going back in August
I have tried a few backpacks including a sean white snowboarding backpack. But on a bike, the most confortable one and the ONLY one I use is the Ogio Mach 5. Doesn't tire your back out nearly as much as other backpacks do, feels like it's not there, catches NO wind and when you expand it you can fit a LOT of stuff in there. I usually bring it on our long 8-12 hour day rides to the USA, and never sore afterwards like I was with other backpacks. Definitely suggest trying one out!
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