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Gas disappearing

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I'm either going nuts or I have already gotten there. :headbang:
put in 12 liter of gas last Friday and parked the bike in the garage since, this morning started the bike and the fuel light came on I though there must be something wrong wit the sensor, but after I opened the fuel cap and can't see any fuel in there:O, there is no gas smell in the garage and don't think anyone stole my gas either as I got a 10L can of gas sitting next to the bike and is still there.
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I have a feeling north korea had something to do with this.
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LOL, check your odometer... I think you've been bamboozled.
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Are you sure you put gas in the bike on Friday and didn't ride it since?

Perhaps your instinct of you have gone mad is correct?
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Haha have you been riding it in your sleep? That would be insane.

But I do have a friend who is a terrible sleep walker and once in a while he would open everything he could (cabinets, drawers, fridge, doors, etc.) without remembering it the next morning. I thought he was joking but he honestly wasn't. Kinda scary when you think about it. There are some crazy sleepwalking people, like someone who screams or this one girl who reportedly stands above her roommates in the middle of the night and just stares at them. There are stories on the Internet about people sleep driving or mowing their lawns naked, but I'm not sure how accurate those are.

Maybe a friend or your family is just messing with you?:O
I have a feeling north korea had something to do with this.
haha good one!
pretty sure no one has ride the bike after last friday as I took the rear wheel is off the bike to get a new rear tyre,LOL

Just put another 10L in and pice of cardboard under the bike will see if there is a leak or something
Either the pump shut off and you thought tank was full, or someone is fucking with you, or you're just fucking with us.
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A friend of mine had this happen a few times. Kept thinking the tank was full the night before but in the morning it would be like half or 3/4. Never thought anything of it and thought he was just remembering wrong until he caught his neighbor siphoning the gas out at night lmao.
I had a family member who would sleep walk to the bathroom and usually end up sleeping in the tub. It was creepy as all get out, because you would walk into a dark bathroom, turn on the light and they'd just be standing there, seemingly contemplating getting in the tub. We would walk them back to their room, and in the morning she would have no recollection.

but back to topic.... I think your probably just losing your mind, unless you have room mates. They might leave the can alone just to keep you wondering if it's you or not. Seems trivial to take that amount of gas though, unless maybe for another bike.
Troll thread for sure.
Could be leaking slowly and will vaporize , but you said no gas smell. I'd check my gas lines, did any recent work on the bike?
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