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Fuel pump/pressure

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I am figuring my problem with my bike (fuel everywhere...even the air filter is saturated) is that I bought an aftermarket fuel pump from NAPPA and it's prob pushing a fire hose when I need a garden hose. lol been looking into a regulator but cannot find how many kph my bike takes. anyone know? it's a '95 zx6r. fuel pumps for it are so expensive and since I already bought one (disabled vet on a budget) I can't afford the almost $200 for one specific to my bike.
So just need to know the kph so that I can get a regulator
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Hey bud....I know this doesn't answer your question about the kph voltage but I honestly think you are going about diagnosing this the completely wrong way :O

More then likely its not your fuel pump "pumping" too much gas, check your fuel filter? check your lines? heck clean up the bike well under the gas tank area (carbs, air box, etc...) and look for leaks.
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