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Fuel Pump Power

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Need some help here for a 02zx6r
Fuel pump isn't getting power. Pump has been tested and is working, fuel relay has been replaced, Battery is fine.
12v is getting to the relay but nothing at the other end.
All fuses double checked, it's in neutral, engine is firing up no problem once the pump has been bypassed, sidestand switch checked.

Is there any silly thing that i'm missing before I start cutting the loom open as a bad wire/connector is the only thing I can think of.

Cheers Jonny
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Do you have the service manual, wiring harness layout section........or the fuel section---both really

I do not have the manual in front of me- but you say power into relay and out of relay- but power not to pump?

Or power to the relay and not coming out of the relay?

There is a resistance test on the relay...just need an ohm meter and the specs--manual is needed for the spec and if you don't have.........see the home page for one

FYI--the pump relay only opens when pushing the starter button or when the bike is running
My money is on the relay. Like rivers said... Test it
cheers, realy is A ok.
Thinking maybe something to do with the starter button?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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