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From Trashy to Flashy 馃槣馃憤

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So a few years back I was fortunate enough to have someone bless me. With a 02 ZX6R. But the pictures were a bit deceiving. It was sitting for awhile & was sun striking AF the White was 3 or 4 different colors Off White, Egg Shell, Yellow and Light Gray. But I was so excited to get it. The person the blessed me has no idea how much love and appreciation I have for them for it. So I've been meaning to show yall. How much love I put into Her! From the ground up so to speak. Let me know what ya think brothers

Foiled to Prime & Paint

Sand Blasted all the necessary

Time to rebuild the Water Pump 馃榿

What they looked like B4 Sand Blasting

Ain't No Good if the Carbs ain't Clean 馃構馃憤

Blacken the Top Frame

Gotta have Da Prime to make Da Paint Shine

What she was supposed to look like


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Day and night of the Rim Tape

Reserved Parking 馃槑馃憣

When the Tank was still Gun Metal Gray

Shining bright even at Night 馃槺

If you can post a picture (you can just drag a file into the edit box) we'd love to see it!
Took me a second to figure that out 馃ぃ
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What they looked like originally

What they look like now


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