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Fresh Meat to the bike world

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Hi everyone my name is Tyrell but everyone calls me Inkk. I recently purchased an 05 kawasaki zx6r and have started learning how to ride. The only thing I can say is it alot different from a car, and have already taken a slight spill (turning). Ah to be new at something haha. Anyways if anyone has any tips or info for this newbie hmu.Will post up pic of bike later
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Welcome. Take a drivers training course, it will help alot.
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Wear gear...take it slow...dont get too comfortable.

Congrats on the bike.... 05/06 are the best! :bigthumb:
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Welcome to the forum! There's lots of good info for you here, especially as a new guy to riding. Before Ey3 gets in here, I'll suggest that you look up "Twist of the Wrist 2" on youtube and watch that sucker and go do an MSF course. In this order, TotW2, then MSF course, then TotW2 again, then ride (assuming you have decent gear, of course).

Anyway, welcome and post up some pictures of your bike. After all, :worthless
Hate to be a "gear nazi" but I truly wish someone had talked to me about wearing proper gear before I took my first crash and ripped all the skin off the palm of my hands. I was about about 20 mph BTW.

Anyway, bikes are very very dangerous. Practice your craft. The bike is very unforgiving so do everything you can to practice and get better. Definitely take the MSF course!... I'd strongly suggest finding a parking lot and practicing alot of the maneuvers on your own time as well.

Congrats. Post pics!
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Welcome home. And gear is your best friend. I would rather buy gear then have hospital bills.
Welcome to the forum. I think everyone pretty much nailed it with the MSF course and gear. If not the course to obtain your license and help with skills, at least for your bike's sake. Sure would suck to get pulled over without a license and watch from the curb as your baby is towed away to an impound lot.
Welcome...just joined here myself.
You picked a great bike to start on.
You're only about an hour from me
You sound like my brother haha. He took a couple spills when he got his bike, but at least its not a brand new one eh? Remember, your skull aint harder than concrete. Anyways, have fun and take that course.
Hello and welcome!

Yes, take the MSF course ASAP, and read this: http://files.meetup.com/1510087/A+Twist+of+the+Wrist+II.pdf

...and watch this:

Welcome! Great choice for a bike. I have an 06 with 30K + and running strong. Just take your time and get proper gear. I would suggest staying away from riding groups for the first six months or so. You tend to ride harder when you're with other people and you dont want to push your limits. There is nothing better than on the road experience. Just ride ride ride there's no better way to learn than just get as much seat time as possible. All the books and videos won't do you any good without actually getting out there. Most towns offer some sort of training class you can take as well. In my opinion just ride whenever you can and as often as you can. Have fun and keep it right side up!
Thanks everyone I'd have to see about a course but I could defintely get the gear. I took my spill at 39mph and luckily jus scraped my elbow and some of my leg up. I know it coulda been worse and thanks to all.
This the only pic I have righ now, really all the bike needs is cosmetic work all over


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Looks cool man! You should do some crazy paint on the wheels that matches the bike. Enjoy!
Welcome. I agree with the above, take an MSF if possible.
Crashes happen, I just had one recently myself.
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