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flash tune or wolrich racing

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Has anyone tried either they both seem like they do the same thing well almost thank you for any response
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I hate being that use the search function guy, anything more specific you want to know about them? Probably not too many people out there have used both. Usually people do their research first and just get one or the other.

Ill be going wolrich this summer, was attracted by the customization of things like engine breaking and other adjustments that will help track riding.
if you don't know what you are doing, I would send it to a reputable "flasher" Guhl, woolich, Flash Tune, ect... they have a "baseline" de-restriction program, and then can customize it to your liking.

I have a Guhl tuned ecu that I piggy back with a pcv for afr.

my dyno guy and I are just experimenting with a flashtune programmer right now, if we can get this to the power of the guhl tune, I will eliminate the pcv altogether, and just run the flashed ecu (inc quick shifter functions).

trying to figure out how to have both power features be full power, and put a race fuel map in one, and pump fuel map in the other. guhl has this figured out, we cannot get the lower power "map" up to full power. Ski
Yea I used the search its worthless.what I'm trying to find out is are they the same thing do they both access the same functions on the ecu.I guess I could call them both but I was hoping to hear from customers not salesmen and thanks for the advice I don't mind using my ecu to learn how to use it I'm sure thy there is quite a few functions or features I won't mess with thank you for your response's
I use flash-tune but do the tune myself with their harness and software. As a racer, I wanted finer control over the ECU with things like ignition timing and fuel maps.

I did start with the base race flash that they provided which was very good, and did some tweaking from there.
I purchased the woolich kit and really like it but if your not familar with how flash works then i would send it to company that can do it for you.
I have mine done with EcUnleashed. Very happy with what was done but I wish I knew what exactly was done and also more knowledgeable on the subject back then.

But overall I happy with the flash.
Thanks for the response's I am leaning towards the flash tune on bike harness to do myself
Thanks for the response's I am leaning towards the flash tune on bike harness to do myself
Just be aware that it will cost about $200 to have it done for you, and will cost double that to buy the harness and do it yourself.
Yup thank you sir.it just doesn't make sense to me to send it out. I would rather have the option to do it any time I want and know what has been done.thanks again for all your response's
Hey there painfullyslow in the flash tune software how did you adjust the engine breaking I didn't see an option for that for the 09 zx6 and on the 09 do the injectors shut off at 0% throttle thanks again
I am running the flash tune and I liked just dropping it in and I was done. It may not be 100% perfect for this set up, but I did not need to go to a dyno, and clip it in and take it to the track and it was head and shoulders above the stock ecu.
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