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Hey guys, finally got my first rocket.. a '01 ZX6E.. Not new to riding, I ride my Yamaha XS850 everywhere, I built it Caferacer style.. Basically I want to learn how to stuntride, so when this Ninja came up for sale for a measily $300 after being layed down, I jumped on it..

The Good.. It runs! and looks like a bike..

The bad.. Exhaust is junk, Forks are bent, Clutch Cover cracked, Thermostat housing cracked, some other odds and ends... I'm happy though...

The questions!

1. My clutch cover is apparently hard to find, the clutch fork goes up through the bottom... I found one new for $175.. Rather not pay that, could I just use the one that has the clutch fork in the top?
2. Anyway to straighten forks? I loosened up the Triple Trees, but the forks kinda moved back to being crooked..
3. Anyone have forks?
4. Anyone have Exhaust system? Full?
5. Recommendations on Crash bars?
6. Any modification to the oiling system needed for stunting?
7. Should I go for a re-gear with new sprockets?



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