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First encounter with brakes. What's the fuss?

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Hi. Today I had my first encounter with brakes. It was just on my kx250f so I wasn't worried about giving it a go with no previous experience whatsoever. Long story short, I whipped off the pads and got the new ones in with no problems but on the test ride the brake barely worked at all. I don't really see how air got in the lines but i cracked on with bleeding. I bought this little one way valve ages ago in preparation of this day arriving so thought id give it a go. I slapped it on the nipple, undone it and then started pumping and as soon as the reservoir got low I topped it up. By the end I had a constant stream of fluid going in and was pumping the pedal at the right speed to stop it overflowing. A few mins later i closed the nipple, tested the pedal and had a rock solid footbrake with no drama whatsoever. Have I discovered some very simple but super effective way of bleeding brakes or is there something very different when bleeding brakes on the zx?


Here's the valve

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when the system is empty it a fuck of a job to get it all to prime up to get pressure
Ah, because there's nothing but squishy air in the lines so it doesn't want to go through. Makes sense. I knew there must've been something I wasnt seeing
and on a kx250 you only have one line feeding one caliper. super easy to bleed. when you have 2 to 4 lines feeding two separate, larger calipers, it can be a pain, especially from empty. Ski
Ah ok, but im guessing having the one way valve makes it 100x quicker than opening and closing the nipple?? That must take FOREVER. I just sat there pumping the brake. Jobs a gooden
its the method of bleeding is the secret,there are a few ways to do it,you can back bleed ,pressure bleed ,but that doesn't work for me you will find out when you do it ,your teddys will go flying lol
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