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First Bike

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Hey y'all!
Bought my brothers 2003 ZX6R about four months ago. Been riding it around to school and work and love it! Its -1 in the front sprocket. Has a Leo Vince exhaust. It had a GPR Stabilizer but I took it off and plan to sell it. My other ride is a lifted Jeep Wrangler so this is all pretty new to me. I can tell ya anything about a jeep but I'm looking forward to learning about bikes.

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Welcome Louie! If learning is why you're here, then you came to a good place. Just hang around long enough and you end up learning all kinds of stuff without even trying :bigthumb:
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Welcome to the forum buddy and nice bike!

Be sure to invest in great riding gear!
Hello and welcome! That is a beautiful bike!
Thanks y'all! Already got an Alpine jacket for free!
Good lookin bike! Let's see the Jeep! I love my wrangler
Welcome. Nice bike!
Welcome! Learning on this forum happens whether you want it to or not. Be a sponge, and soak up as much as possible!
Welcome to the boards!
Welcome! That is a nice looking bike!
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