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First bike/ needs work. Help

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Just bought an 04 zx6RR for next to nothing from a shop that had it sitting in a storage crate being someone left it Because it needed work i guess and never came back for it. I was told the motor needed a rebuild. and also an ignition switch. This is my first bike and would really like to get it running. My question is where do i start? should i look into rebuilding the motor? or would it be cheaper to just buy a used motor? how much would a rebuild cost me ( a general estimate) or wheres a good place i could grab a new motor from thats reliable? Ive searched all day and only came across 1 or two 636 engines even tho i dont think the RR has a 636 engine. I dont really have much money to shell out. maybe could cough up a stack in the next couple weeks. or maybe even 1200. Rent and kids take up most of my money nowadays. Im located in northern Va if anyone knows anyone in the area. Thanks for taking a look at my post
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You would need a 599 engine for starters, unless you want to spend even more money and time.

As far as is it worth rebuilding the existing engine...........what is wrong with it? Did they say why it needed a rebuild?-- it may be far cheaper to buy used up front, but then you also have zero idea what you are getting too....
But if the existing engine has catastrophic failure- you will have no choice but to start with a used engine

Are you a good mechanic and can follow a service manual and have good tools? Or will you be paying out of pocket for most of it?
They never said. im getting the bike brought to me tomorrow. can go into more details about it when i have it in hand. Ill also ask the shop exactly what they said was wrong with it. Im ok with working on cars. Id also have help from a certified mechanic we would be doing it together. we have a good collection of tools between the both of us. Im pretty good at following directions tho. Ill give you more info tomorrow tho. Thanks for the response
If it was me I'd try to rebuild unless it's just beyond fixing. That way you can keep it an original RR. I hope you really meant next to nothing, if a shop is selling a bike for next to nothing, it leads me to believe its not worth fixing to them. I hope all works out and its not too major. There are tons of guides on this site and I'm sure the service manual is on here for your bike as well. Good Luck and Welcome!

i mean i got it for 300 bucks. A friend works at the shop. they wanted 500 for it. no title tho. its a bike dealership near my house. But i mean for 300 i couldnt pass it up ( I hope anyway)
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Ive passed up a lot of things because super cheap or free wind up being super expensive in the end. Its almost always cheaper to pay more for something running than to pay little for something broken.

Once you get it you can figure out exactly what's wrong but shops don't let go of things that just need minor things to get them running.
I agree with you. They didnt want want to rebuild it from what im told. But i figure if i can get it running which i should be able to do for 2 grand or less it would be worth it. If anyone comes across a 599 engine tho ccould you point them my way? I cant seem to find one
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